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If you want to design the coolest escape room you need a cool script to start with. But the question is… who the hell knows where to find a cool scriptwriter? I have the answer for you. And I'll give it to you for FREE: please see details below;)



photo from the escape room in Murmansk (Russia)

"Indiana Jones and the Pandora's box"

script by Nikita Vorozhishchev

Nikita Vorozhishchev
I’m a professional screenplay writer having a good experience in writing movie scripts and telling stories. That’s why I know not only how to create an entertaining and immersive escape room attraction for audience but also how to build it on a very exciting plot which many ER’s screenwriters (even professional ones) pay little attention to. Sometimes, puzzles don’t match the overall story, and the props that are inappropriate for the plot are often used in the game. All that can ruin the game experience. And players would be unlikely to write a good review on such an escape room or advise it to their friends.
In my scripts, I pay a lot of attention to the story and to the creating the puzzles that blend well into the plot! Because I got used to hearing applause at the end.
- Nikita Vorozhishchev
And I have a really nice price for you!


A finished script! It's like a pizza, buy it and eat it. The list of scripts with descriptions is available on request.



A finished script that I can design according to your wishes. It's like a pizza with the toppings you choose.



A script that I’d write especially for you. The only one in the whole world! You pay, you rule the roost.


Why me?
you can find me here -

As a child, I was a fan of the PC adventures by LucasArts and Sierra. I never missed an episode of the X-Files on TV (okay, maybe I missed some:-). I loved reading books at night with flashlight under the quilt (for not getting caught by my parents), and the books I read at that time were “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. Now, I have my own scripts, and damn, I love my job!


and x-filed

photo from the escape room in Perm (Russia)

"Sherlock Holmes"

script by Nikita Vorozhishchev

Any genre and format you need. I've tried everything!  
Here are some of my works:
And here you can have a look at me.
I played the role of a guy who was eaten by the mummy.
(By the way, that is my ER script too)

I also write scripts

for ER trailers

like these two

A client received

an award for

the game based

on my script:


I like writing scripts for escape rooms with actors involved. What can be better than a charismatic maniac in an abandoned house somewhere in... the middle of hell! Especially, if you're not sure whether his chainsaw fake or real… Stock up on sedatives!



photo from the escape room in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

"Missing Persons"

puzzles by Nikita Vorozhishchev

When ordering a scenario for an escape room, you receive:

A detailed description of puzzles, clues and item placement with pictures, examples, etc.

A step by step algorithm of puzzles and riddles, developed for your game.

A blueprint adapted for your space indicating the placement of all puzzles, items and the sequence of events.

Other terms:

Script production time:

FINISHED - 0 days

ENCHANCED - 10 days

CUSTOM - 20 days

Guide and consult clients regarding any issues during Escape Room construction.

Paypal payment.

Fast. Easy. Safely.

Not advertising. Truth.


ER puzzles are often designed and based on the technologies that are commonly used in escape games: reed switches, capacitive relay, motion and light sensors, lasers, electric magnets and other electric stuff. But the main thing in each puzzle is not a technology. It’s logic. It is unlikely that even the savvy players would be able to find out that the box that is drawn on the wall can be opened by an iron or a bookcase can be sent into space by beating a tambourine. After a while, they probably would be able to send into space a scriptwriter of that escape room. Puzzles need logic! 


And what about those muzzles, you ask me?

Just in rhyme.

Puzzles and


photo from the escape room in Murmansk (Russia)

"How to Steal a Million"

script by Nikita Vorozhishchev

Over 70 scripts are written by me,
and more than 100 escape rooms based on my scripts
have already opened their doors all over the world

There are lots of scriptwriters, and I’m not going to say I’m the best. Hell no! At least a couple of my colleagues write really cool scripts, and really cool games are based on their work.

I'm just one of those who can create an excellent script that you and players would love. And I guarantee it.

The best from

the quest

photo from the escape room in Moscow (Russia)

"Z.O.N.A. X-16"

script by Nikita Vorozhishchev


Can't wait to work with You!


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