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"8" на фестивале Madeira Fantastic FilmFest (Португалия)

Наш короткометражный фильм "8" (реж. Ирина Гуйван) вошёл в программу португальского фестиваля II Madeira Fantastic FilmFest.

Official Selection "Best International Short Film"

- Ringo Rocket Star and his song for Yuri Gagarin by Rene Nuijens - Ragnarok by Johan Oettinger & Urtė Oettinger - The Jitterman by Alex Mathieson - Siyah Çember (Black Ring) by Hasan Can Dagli - The Goatman of Kananaskis by Tristin Deveau - The Veiled by Joshua Long - I See You Everywhere by Rubén Méndez - Rewind cortometraje by Rubén Pérez Barrena - A Father's Day by Mat Johns - Juliette by Lora D'Addazio - Return Safely Short Film by Eric Burleson - The Scared One by Romain Lafargue & Thibault Lafargue - Count Your Curses by Lorène Yavo - The Plan by Pierre Teulières - Shoes by Ray Kermani - Night Crosser by Kevin T. Landry - 8 by Irina Guivan - Inside The House by Dycee Wildman & Jennifer Bonior - Room service by Saúl Gallego Mateo - Humano by Marco Castro Terrazas - The Hangman by Tim Sagl - Veuillez Ne Pas Tenter D'ouvrir Les Portes by Baptiste Martin-bonnaire - Trials by Lyubomir Pechev - Evströnger by Silvia Conesa - Attack of the Cyber Octopuses by Nicola Piovesan - Liebesbrief by Marcus Hanisch - GraffitiShortfilm by Lluis Quilez - Fils by Cyrus Neshvad


Spot II Madeira Fantastic FilmFest / 20-24 March 2018 / Funchal - Madeira Island (Portugal)

29 просмотров


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