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"8" в Испании на кинофестивале MANIATIC

Наш короткометражный мистический хоррор "8" вошёл в программу кинофестиваля International Fantastic Film Festival of Manises: Maniatic 2017.


A Father’s Day

[Mat Johns, 2016]

United Kingdom – 9′ 53” – V.O.S.E Terror Zombies

Synopsis: Today is special. Apocalypse or not. Unexpectedly reunited with his daughter amongst the ruins of the world as they knew it, a father is determined to make this day special, even if they are already dead.

Apolo 81

[Óscar Bernàcer, 2015]

Spain – 11′ 51” – V.O. Comedy

Synopsis: No risk, no love.

Arrêt Pipi

[Maarten Groen, 2015]

Netherlands – 5′ 57” – V.O.S.E Terror

Synopsis: Sarah and Bram’s roadtrip takes a horrifying turn when they stop for a bathroom break in the dark woods of Wallonia.


[Juan Silva, 2016]

Spain – 5′ 3” – V.O. Black Comedy

Synopsis: This short film tells the story of two characters immersed into the organized crime, in what it seems to be one more day of their regular and dark routines, which make the mistake of getting rid of a body in the wrong place.


[Ángel Gómez, 2016]

Spain – 15′ – V.O. Terror

Synopsis: Arianne is a divorced mother obsessed with the idea that her ex-husband might take her baby away from her. At a birthday party, a mysterious old woman called Leonor tells Arianne that there is a strange figure following her: a terrifying looking man. Back at home with her little baby, Arianne will have to fight something a lot darker than her deepest fears. Something that will make her worst nightmares come alive.

BFF (Best Friends Forever)

[Marta López Fernández, 2017]

Spain – 11′ 23” – V.O. Romantic Terror

Synopsis: Two friends meet in a new boy friend’s flat to dinner. Both want to flirt with him: one is making it while the other is failing.

Bienvenidos al infierno

[Simón Fariza, 2017]

Spain – 14′ 2” – V.O. Terror-Comedy

Synopsis: Javi is going to meet his girlfriend Angeles’ family. An unconventional family. But what Javi does not know is that they keep a terrifying and ancestral secret.


[Brian Deane, 2015]

Ireland – 15′ 3” – V.O.S.E Terror

Synopsis: A young priest is sent to battle dark supernatural forces threatening a remote Island community.

Cautionary Tales

[Chris Barrett & Luke Taylor, 2016]

United Kingdom – 8′ 5” – V.O.S.E Fantastic Comedy

Synopsis: A bizarre incident as a young boy left Aaron with an unusual facial disfigurement. Isolated and vulnerable, Aaron seeks comfort in the friendship and understanding of an unexpected group of outcasts.

Cavalls morts

[Marc Riba & Anna Solanas, 2016]

Spain – 6′ 16” – V.O.S.E Animation

Synopsis: In an isolated and unknown place during a war a child is forced to flee. On his way, horse corpses everywhere. Only dead horses. Why? Why horses have decided to kill themselves?


[Jon Mikel Caballero, 2016]

Spain – 9′ 59” – V.O. Sci-Fi

Synopsis: Ash made ​​a very important promise to his wife: Protect the house from any threat.

8 (Eight)

[Irina Guivan, 2017]

Russia – 8′ – V.O.S.E Sci-Fi

Synopsis: Something strange happened to this elevator. It goes up but remains on the same floor. The reality defies logic. The man is doomed to eternally run searching for his home. This odd world provides hints for chances to escape.


[Olga Osorio, 2016]

Spain – 9′ 3” – V.O. Sci-Fi

Synopsis: Summer of 1982. Teo claims he has found a wormhole. His brother Óscar does not believe him… at least not for now.


[Juan de Dios Garduño , 2017]

Spain – 10′ 51” – V.O. Terror

Synopsis: Adolfo, the town’s priest, gets a phone call from a desperate family. They believe that their daughter is possessed by the devil.


[Marco Jemolo, 2017]

Italy – 7′ 16” – V.O.S.E Animation

Synopsis: Framed is a noir animated short-film, which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society.


[Laurent Michelet, 2017]

Belgium – 28′ 40” – V.O.S.E. Sci-Fi

Synopsis: 2039: Adele has been working for more than 3 years on ORBIT DEFENCE, a space station in charge of Earth security using drone pilots. Today, is her last routine mission, before she returns home to meet her family, especially her daughter. Without taking Murphy’s Law into account…

Into the mud

[Pablo Pastor, 2016]

Spain – 10′ 18” – V.O. Fantastic

Synopsis: A young woman wakes up naked in the middle of the woods. After the initial confusion and after verifying that she’s hurt, she discovers a fisherman and hunter who will not easily let his new prey escape. Let the hunt begin.

J’aime Eva Marsh

[Rémy Rondeau, 2017]

France – 23′ 46” – V.O.S.E Terror

Synopsis: Summer 1996. A small town nestled in the shadow of a gigantic factory. Ben, a shy eleven year old boy, lives there alone with his mom when she leaves him to strike. The coming of the troubling Eva in his bunch disturbs him a little bit more, especially when she mentions the legend of a mysterious creature hidden under a nearby lake?s pontoon. As a game, Eva challenges Ben : walk through the “pontoon of the death?, and come back. But Ben fails miserably. At night, the Creature appears to him.


[Lora D’Addazio, 2016]

Belgium – 6′ 37” – V.O.S.E. Animation

Synopsis: Juliette is a shy girl terrified to catch a ride with two horny bitches that aren’t paying any attention to the road…

Nuestro viejo (y el mar)

[Lander Camarero, 2017]

Spain – 30′ – V.O. Fantastic Comedy

Synopsis: Two brothers are sailing around the world in order to spread the ashes of their dead father in the exact opposite place he wanted. The two brothers try to overcome their traumatic childhood immerse in a trip full of unexpected events.


[Dániel Reich & Dániel Szöke, 2017]

Hungary – 19′ 9” – V.O.S.E. Fantastic

Synopsis: We are in the 80’s, the young boy Beni spending the holiday with his mum and sister, Gilla at lake Balaton. Beni finds an old photo camera and starts taking photos, obsessively. Gilla suddenly disappears while swimming in the water. They caný find her, but Beni doesn’t give up the search and with the help of a local investigator they keep looking for her. 10 years earlier in the same place, a girl disappear in similar circumstances, so they both feel that the answer to be sought beyond rationality.


[Rubén Pérez Barrena, 2016]

Spain – 12′ 26” – V.O.S.E. Terror

Synopsis: Elisabeth, a young college girl, comes to her faculty, amid a thick fog, prepared to study while everyone is celebrating Halloween night. With the only company of her walkman, sleep begins to take hold of her, but she hears a recording on her walkman, which will trigger the harassment of a terrifying presence…


[Vicente Bonet, 2016]

Spain – 23′ 06” – V.O. Sci-Fi

Synopsis: Nikolay is a cosmonaut converted in the first human sent out to space, a technical failure will make his return alive impossible. Meanwhile he’s orbiting the earth in his capsule, waiting for his tragic end, a casual encounter will changes his life.


[Demetrio Elorz, 2017]

Spain – 8′ 32” – V.O. Black Comedy

Synopsis: The end justifies the means.

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