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"Миля" в программе кинофестиваля Lucca Film Festival & Europa Cinema 2017 (Италия)

Ten short films directed by likewise female directors out of a total selection of 23 works: this year’s short film competition dedicates wide space to the new Women’s Cinema. Their countries of origin are Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Canada and the United States. Anxieties, obsessions, new technologies and the fragmentation of contemporary era are the issues that these young female cinematographers are facing to narrate about new feminine identities in transit. In addition to women’s cinema, the international value underlined by the amount of the involved countries: from Netherlands to Japan, from Germany to China and Argentina.

Like every year, several international, national and local Italian premieres. The shorts film competition passes through a wide variety of styles and languages: from classic storytelling, to animation, from visual influences to the sensory cinema. The 23 short films are pooled together by a cross-cutting theme that runs through all the works in competition: the looking for a fitting identity and the deepest roots of existence, in a world seized by new technologies, where human contact is becoming increasingly fragile and intangible. Male and female characters of the 23 short films are often isolated in a space which is recognizable, but also metaphorical. Simply struggling to (r) exist.

Here is the list of the short films:

  • The tree house Simon Guélat (Francia)

  • Panic Attack! Eileen O’Meara (USA)

  • Colombi Luca Ferri (Italia)

  • Tokri (The Basket) Suresh Eriyat (India)

  • Metaxy Jøel Dombrower (Germany)

  • Death in a day Lin Wang (China)

  • Daughter of the bride Tamar Rudoy (Israel)

  • Mechanical Animal Simona Guggio (Italia)

  • Ma maison Lisa Diaz (France)

  • Wild Berries Magdalena Jaroszewicz (Polonia)

  • Elements 1, 2, 3 Tomaž Burlin (Francia)

  • Movements Arising from Different Relationships / Between Regularity and Irregularity II

  • La noche de todas las cosas Pilar Palomero (Spain)

  • Celeste Laguna Stefano Giannotti (Italia)

  • Wirrwarr Martina Bramkamp (Germany)

  • Ratzinger vuole tornare Valerio Vestoso (Italia)

  • Firpo Fernando Caneda (Argentina)

  • Stuck Mathijs Geijskes (Netherlands)

  • Há terra! (vosteng) Ana Vaz (Francia/Brasile)

  • #empty Beatriz Vilariño (Spain)

  • Sea Factory Pim Zwier (Netherland/Russia)

  • The Mile Dmitry Korabelnikov (Russia)

  • Rivage/Shoreline Caroline Caza (Canada)

20 просмотров


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