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Сценарий «The Watchmaker» среди финалистов сценарного конкурса Lionshead Film Fesitval 2018


(in Alphabetical Order)

Abandon All Hope by Maximilian Federman & Ian Sutherland

Beating Harvey by James Pinedo

Catch A Fallen Star by Robert Craighead


Crazy In Love by Bobby McGuire

Don by Alberto Battistutti

Fury of a Woman Scorned by Eriah Howard

Her Toys by Zane Hill

Killer Be Killed by F. Aaron Franklin

Marge & Jim by Michael Frank

MegaBall$ by Marc Baron

New Hollywood by Rob Weinstein

Perfidies by Bill Baber

Primos by Scott Lopez & Jesus Jauregui

Rainbows and Silver Buckles: The Adventures of Joe And Muz by Stuart Schulz

Saline County, Illinois by Jeffrey Howe

Thank You, Amelia Earhart by Al Mertens

The Big Picture by Michael Charron

The Confectionery Prince by Jeffrey Howe

The Dealer by Kerriyon Tillman

The Salt Box by Robert J. Rogers

The Siberian Trap by Jeffrey Howe

The Time Before Him by Kevin Thrasher

The Watchmaker by Nikita Vorozhishchev & Anton Shevchenko

The Zombie Effect by Roger Sampson

Time by Kevin Cole

Western Dragons by John T. Frederick

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